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General Contracting

Ergos Builders, LLC provides general contracting services in three (3) major lines on business: new construction, tenant improvement, and restoration services.

New Construction

This involves the construction of a new building from a set of plans provided by your architect. Ergos Builders will work closely with your architect to turn the plans into reality on-time and on budget. Every aspect of the project is managed carefully. This includes working the local governmental agencies to obtain all required permits and, coordinating and passing all required inspections. It also includes maintaining an excellent working relationship with your architect to manage changes in a cost and time effective manner.

Tenant Improvement

This type of work includes many of the same aspects as new construction. However, another important component is that of minimizing the effects of disrupting your on-going business. Improving an existing site usually results in your business being shut down or curtailed for a period of time. Ergos Builders is sensitive to the resulting issues and will work closely with you to minimize the negative effects they might have.

Restoration Services

Property restoration services are provided through Jackson Graham Builders, LLC, a sister company of Ergos Builders. Following a fire, flood, or other damage to your commercial or personal property, Jackson Graham Builders will use its staff of experienced personnel to work with your insurance adjuster to process your claim and complete all restoration work promptly and professionally.

Featured Project

Jackson Graham Restoration, LLC

Ergos Builders, LLC and its sister company Jackson Graham Builders, LLC, managed a restoration project at a Holiday Inn hotel in Tucson, AZ. A 12,000-gallon pressurized water tank on an upper floor ruptured flooding the rooms, hallways, and elevator shafts from the 6th floor to the first floor. In order to restore the rooms to new condition drywall, bathroom fixtures, carpeting, etc. were all removed and disposed of all while the hotel was still occupied.